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Clearly show automation & AI return-on-investment for every $ spent 


Many Automation Directors and CIOs have expressed their need to desperately gain better visualise of the ROI for automation and AI purchases, which in turn can secure more budget and get senior buy-in


What if you could accurately estimate your return-on-investment for every $ spent on automation and AI software, that connects automation license costs to savings and benefits?  All tied to solving your senior stakeholders' corporate objectives and pains?


We've created this short video about how we are simplifying this common pain point that businesses like yours are experiencing right now

Man people collage faces double exposure

“[LeanIA's] approach to implementing RPA is thorough, well researched, and well-executed. Highly recommended to anyone involved in the automation market.”

Guy Kirkwood

ex-COO – UiPath (the world’s leading RPA company)

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In exchange, we'll share our demo with you how our technology is helping businesses clearly see the ROI (financial and non-financial) of automation before prior to purchasing, existing technologies through enterprise-wide visibility or automation activities

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